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Hey! I’m Ashleigh (Ash-le-uh)!

As you were scrolling, you were probably wondering how did it all begin. Like many other specialists, it started from getting my own credit repaired. I’ve tried numerous agencies just like you might have. Until I wasn’t getting the desired results I wanted. Working a full-time job at the post office while being a full-time mommy I’ve made time to research and study about credit and study credit laws. Finding my niche I was doing testers until I became successful. Doing so brought me to start my very own repair business to help others who were or may encounter similar situations. All we ever want is an excellent credit score! Here we will achieve that!

I was a bill collector for over 30 years. This is what happens when a career bill collector starts a credit restoration company

Former Auto Finance Executive tells the secrets of profit and high interest rates.

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